Individual Therapy
We can explore what is important to you, and work to connect meaning to your life experiences. The therapy journey can also include finding opportunities to set goals and discuss preferred outcomes for growth or change collaboratively to help promote your healing and wellness. I offer a non-judgemental and confidential space where you will have an opportunity to have a compassionate conversation looking at multiple perspectives and strategies for: improving communication, managing anxiety, stress, depression, and improving your self-confidence.
Grief Therapy
Each person’s grief is a unique and personal experience. Grief is not something that needs fixing, but through bearing witness to your emotions and pain, we can work together to help incorporate your grief into your life in a healthy and understanding way. Your grief journey is about where you are, and about how you feel, and cannot be about another’s agenda or timeline. Experiencing grief can be a very isolating path to walk. Let’s begin that walk together to bring some vibrance back into your life.